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Polyvision eno Interactive Whiteboards

June 14, 2009 1 comment

I am am moving directly into unchartered territory.  While many schools these days are content with the wonders of the SMART brand Interactive whiteboards from Smart Technologies, I am instead going to be working with the new eno interactive whiteboards from Polyvision.

SMART brand boards have become the industry standard.  Often people will refer to any brand of interactive board as “Smart”, simply because the brand name has taken hold in much the same way tissues are often referred to as “Kleenex.”

I have taken a very close look at the SMART brand boards and found them to be outstanding.  They are covered in a soft membrane making them sensitive to the touch of the hand.  This is especially attractive in early elementary classrooms.   In addition, the wealth of online resourced about and for the SMART brand boards is quite impressive.  Teachers love them.  Kids love them.  Administrators love them.  So why not go with them?

In a word, durability!  I am anticipating integrating up to 500 interactive boards throughout 11 buildings (pre-K – 12.)  The eno boards are the most durable material I have found.  They are guaranteed for life.  This is huge when you are talking about implementing as many boards as I am.

more to come…

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