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Issues Moving Forward with Google Sites

The decision has been made to allow 800+ teachers throughout the district to create their own personalized web pages using Google Sites.  A PDP was provided at each building.  Following the brief overview of Google Sites for all building teachers during the 30 minute PDP, a staff developer stayed in each building for the remainder of the day.

Ideally, teachers could work with the staff developer during their free time throughout the day, such as prep periods, lunch, etc.  Usually in small groups, the staff developer was able to help teachers access our Google Partner Page, login for the first time and change their password.

Teachers were then provided an opportunity to create their own “site(s).”  This is where things got a little tricky.  A main landing page was envisioned, where anyone looking for a teacher web page could go.  From this landing page, a viewer could navigate to a particular building’s site, drill down to the appropriate grade level or subject and then down to a particular teacher’s site.

This design works well as long as teachers are aware of precisely where in the overall structure, they need to place their site to begin with.  Another issue that cam up is rights…making sure each teacher has sufficient rights to create their page in the appropriate location, without having the ability to modify other pages (unintentionally or otherwise.)  More to follow…

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