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The Genius at Google is Uncovered


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Further proof about the genius of the folks at  Google was brought to light today by technology columnist, David Pogue, in his New York Times post, “Pogue’s Posts.”

It was announced today that Google’s GOOG-411 service will end on November 12, 2010.  While I have found this service to very useful on many occasions, that is not the part of Pogue’s Post that caught my attention.

What I found most insightful about Mr. Pogue’s post was his uncovering of the real reason Google established the free service in the first place.  Why (and how) Google would offer this service at no charge was always a mystery to me.  Outside of the tagline about calls being connected by bandwidth.com, the service was free of advertising and there was no clearly identified mechanism for Google to make money on this service.

Apparently, Google’s purpose for offering this service, according to Pogue’s Post, was as a “phoneme-harvesting operation for honing Google’s voice technologies.”  In other words, they collected voice samples from the service users for the further development of other voice services.

This is just another example of how brilliant the minds of those working at Google really are.  The last time I was this impressed by Google’s genius was when they came up with the brilliant marketing campaign to spread to the word about the release of their Chrome browser.  The idea was that the gift giver could prepare an interactive online greeting card, for friends, family members and colleagues, while simultaneously introducing Google Chrome.

Word comes out very frequently these days, that Google is spreading its wings.  It recently expanded into areas like Google TV and investing in the transmission of power generated by Wind Farms off the east coast of the United States.  It is likely just a matter of time before more of Google’s brilliance is unveiled.

By the way, I still swear the “beep, beep, beep” sounds heard while waiting on the GOOG-411 service, were human, not computerized tones.

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