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I LOVE My New iPad

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Recently, Tony Robbins tweeted an off-handed joke about what do air and sex have in common? The answer is you do not think much about either until you are not getting either. Funny enough.

The need for air is obvious enough. There is no need to discuss the other here. It got me to thinking though about Internet Connectivity, in the sense that it is something else that is taken for granted and not thought much about, until you do not have it.

With the expansion of WiFi to places most had never dreamed about, it is easy to see why Internet connectivity is not always a thought or concern. Every Starbucks, library, book store etc., now provide WiFi for customers, at no charge. Some local cable TV providers are even beginning to blanket their coverage area with free WiFi. Considering how many places Internet connectivity is available in, many take it for granted. That is until, it is not there when needed.

Internet connectivity is what telephone dial-tone service was a generation ago. When a phone is picked up, it is automatically expected that there will be a dial tone and a call can be made, without any issues. We have come to expect the same of our Internet connection. The expectation is that it is just always there, always available, whenever and wherever needed. Thankfully, depending upon where you live or work, a connection to the Internet is generally available. Frequently, broadband is even available.

Schools should be no different. Anytime, anywhere, learning cannot take place without adequate network/Internet connectivity. With the benefit of e-Rate, most schools are now providing wired Internet connections to all classrooms. As the transition to portable devices takes place, schools need to ensure wireless connectivity for their students and staff as well.

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