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Google Apps Education Edition

I have recently become very interested in Google Apps Education Edition.   Google Apps Education Edition is the free version for schools of  Google Apps Premiere Edition.

Included are free email, messaging, and shared calendars for all staff and students (if desired), with no advertising. Included collaboration tools enable real-time and access to documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and sites from anywhere, on any device.   Any device, refers to any device with an Internet connection and web browser, which may provide a low-cost options for classroom computing using such devices as, dare I say, mobile phones.  More on this prospect at another time.

Teachers can now access/create/edit their own web pages from any where, at any time of day.

Also appealing is the potential to reduce school IT infrastructure costs since all apps are hosted on Google’s servers.  No more upgrades/patches.  No more increasing memory.  No annual license fees.  Web-based apps also means no more client maintenance costs.  Everything is accessed via a web browser.

While this all appears to be great, there are some issues that I am still working on.  The biggest issue is overcoming the confusion of private (district) Google accounts vs. public Google accounts.

1000 teachers and staff accounts. 8600 student accounts.  11 schools and a district office.  Stay tuned…

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